Prayer Intentions for Fr. Steve’s Camino de Santiago Trip

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Jane jenken Please pray for my husband Greg as e takes on another Battle with beginning stages of Parkinsons disease. Patience for me to car for him. Thank you
Meredith McKinley My marraige
anonymous Please pray for us to open our hearts wide to God's mercy and love and to let go of all our perfectionism, pride and arrogance, and self (false) and walk in the true self of the Risen Body of Christ.
anonymous Thank you Lord Jesus for all of your healing, graces and blessings.
anonymous Please continue to give my brother good health
anonymous Please heal Manuel of all his health issues
anonymous Please heal Brandon of his addiction with alcohol and drugs. Give him wisdom and understanding
anonymous Please heal Levin of his azemac
anonymous Please give Rui the grace of getting work full time
anonymous May my daughter be free of cancer and be restored to full health. That my disabled son can get permanent relief from his skin condition.
anonymous Please pray for my mother and father, who are struggling with their marriage and are thinking of seperation. And for my siblings who are very affected by my parents broken relationship.
anonymous For my friends who are grieving. May they come to know that God's plan is bigger than their grief.
Maria Pray for vocations to the priesthood. May they have servant hearts like Jesus. May they come to know that this is a vocation not just a job.
Maria Costa For my children who have not gone to confession in years. May they open their hearts to this special sacrament
Joe & Sue Prayer of thanksgiving for our children and each other. Please pray that our children may always make good choices and know the right path of Jesus. Good health in our family
anonymous For my family ❤️
Don bedore Prayers for my wife Elizabeth as we journey together.. Mr. Alzheimer wants to be more of apart of her life.. Ask him to depart ! Safe journey to all
Victoria Ingratta Please pray for Lauren. That God help her find her calling in life so she msy floursih in her talents she was given.
Victoria Ingratta Please pray for all our parents. That they remain in good health and that God give them the strength to face whatever health issues they are given
Victoria Ingratta Please pray for Assad. That God give him peace with his wife's death and fill the emptyness in his heart he has with his grief.
Victoria Ingratta Please pray for Christian. That God give him the strength ans patience it takes for the therapy he needs to heal his hand
Victoria Ingratta Please pray for philip. That God protect him and guide him in the right direction.
Bernadette Sleiman Prayers for my sister who is suffering with dementia.
MaryL For healing for my husband's eyes
MaryL For God to transform me into the person He created me to be and for me to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to allow this to happen
Ana Cabrera That my son Santiago returns to the church and the Holy Spirit helps him regain the faith we tried to teach him when he was young. Also that my two other children Frank and Cristina grow in their faith and always find strength and comfort in God.
anonymous for my girlfriend's family issues
anonymous for my sister's family issues
anonymous for my cousin who has issues with her eye
anonymous for my son who struggles with alcoholism
anonymous For our son who suffers from ulcerative colitis. He needs healing so he can return to work and provide for his young family
Jen for the healing of my taste buds after having lost the sense of taste through my chemo.
anonymous For my mother's health and her healing
anonymous For the conversion and salvation of my wife Susan, who remarried, and for the conversion and return to the faith of my daughter Kaitlyn
anonymous For the complete healing of my son's condition (Thomas)
Jo-Ann for my family
anonymous for my son to get over his drug addiction
Colleen Harrington For gainful employment for Steve and our Amy. Also for the repose of my mother's soul
Christine Yeoumans for my family
Barb for the good health, well-being, and safety of our entire family
anonymous For our daughter, that she can move forward in her life
anonymous for a healthy and happy retirement
anonymous For our baby - that he/she be born healthy and lives a long, healthy & happy life.
anonymous Please keep my son save and to follow Jesus making good and kind choices. Amen
Laura Clark Pray for my granddaughter, Isla, who is four, and has developed a bone infection in her leg.
anonymous For peace, more tolerance & understanding of others in the world, for patience, love, less tension, and more calmness.
anonymous Pray that I may serve my niece well as her sponsor
anonymous For Fr. Tom, Fr. Steve, Fr. John & Fr. Danny
anonymous for world peace
anonymous For countries affected by typhoons & hurricanes
anonymous For St. Michael's Parish
anonymous For the pilgrims, for good weather and a safe return
George & Peggy for our children & grandchildren
anonymous Heal my ex-husband's mind from the thoughts and fears that consume him, and to help him find peace, joy and happiness in this life.
Marie For my son Leo, that the new medication will ease his suffering.
Tammy For EVERYONE, that we remember the greatness and gifts that we are and that we all ONE in love walking this road with each other. Peace ~
Melanie For my friends, family, my son and I. For help raising my son. For my ears to be open to hear the lord, and my mouth to be open to proclaim his love for us.
anonymous For a full recovery for Jade who was beaten by bullies. May he heal quickly and remain strong without any permanent damage.
anonymous That all our faithful intentions be be sent to God through love and light of the Holy Spirit, amen.
Patricia In Jesus name, i ask for my niece Linda to seek help for alcoholism and to have a successful knee surgery.
Patricia In jesus name i ask for Denise to find the perfect home quickly. She needs a place to feel safe and secure in, amen.
Patricia In Jesus name , i ask for my friend..Susan to be miraculously healed of all enternal ailments, may her blood pressure return to normal. Amen
anonymous That Christians everywhere step into darkness to bring their light and the word of God with love and healing. So many are suffering , as children of God help us to help them, amen.
anonymous I ask that my children find jobs that are perfect for them according to God's will.
anonymous I ask that the Holy Spirit show me and my loved ones what to see, hear and do in every area of our lives. And make us strong enough to deal with whatever God sends us to do, amen.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask for a miraculous healing of Pete's pancreas and endocrine system.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask for a miraculous healing of Pete's pancreas and endocrine system.
Theresa boivin Will be new to the parish in November on your pilgrimage please take my family in prayer as they do not practice their faith also mental health in the family thank you so much in advance I will also keep you in prayer
Patricia In Jesus name I ask for a miraculous healing of Pete's pancreas and endocrine system.
Patricia For a miraculous healing for Larry to be able to see again.
Patricia I ask in Jesus name for the Holy spirit to enlighten me on self control in all areas of my life.
Dina Please pray for our St. Louis staff, students and families and all of our Leamington schools' students, staff and families that we may come to know God's Love and Mercy in an intimatie way. Lord, Help us to fall in love with you. Amen.
anonymous Family come back to God Preservation of marriage Healing of priests Health of granchildren
G. H For a happy and long marriage and good health for my family. .
anonymous For the family you have truly blessed me with. Keep us always in your faith. Bless us with good health and let us always be grateful for all of the blessings we have received through you.
anonymous For all couples struggling with infertility, that they may never give up on their faith! Praying that they hear and follow God's plan for them.
anonymous For the parishioners of St. Michael's. For the blessings God has given us with our two new priests. Please keep us all strong in our faith through your grace.
Laura Ouellette Please pray for the conversion of sinners, especially for my family and I, and that my older children will return to the Church. Have fun Fr Steve
Mary Sanders The soul of Paul Sanders All married couples the our Lord remains center in their lives. Our priests, seminarians, religious life that the Holy Spirit sustains them each day. All those who are physically, emotionally or spiritually sick
anonymous For vocations to the priesthood
Deborah T Always for our priests and for my husband .And for my mom and all my siblings and for the widows community in Amherstberg Saint John the Baptist parish
Pierre For my personal spiritual growth over the upcoming academic year, and for the continual conversion of my family members; for all those I have promised to pray for; for an end to abortion.
Carey In Jesus name i ask to be given clarity with my employment situation . Holy Spirt guide me to do what is best for me. I trust in you, amen.
Patrica In Jesus name i ask to be united peacefully with estranged family members. May the Holy Spirit guide us back to each other, amen.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask that my husband and I grow closer to each other as we grow closer to you, we need help understanding each others needs as we grow older together, please guide us, amen.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask, God the father, son and Holy Spirit please continue to enlighten me as to how I can be more in your presence. I seek to be closer to you. I trust in the guidance that will come, amen.
Patricia In Jesus name guide and protect all of the priests on this pilgrimage. Thank you for allowing me the privelage of all my prayer intentions. I know that you hear every prayer that his spoken and I take great comfort in that. Amen.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask that a dear friend can accept the physical healing that you granted her. May by your grace she continue to heal emotionally. I ask that she receive enightenment from the Holy spirit to do what she needs to do,amen.
Patricia In Jesus name i ask that Laura's eczema be miraculously healed along with any other internal struggles she is dealing with. I place my trust in you Lord Jesus, amen.
Patricia Lord Jesus through your name I ask that my sister Donna receive help in every area of her life at this time. Thank you for the guudance that i have received to get her help. In you I put my trust and faith thank you Jesus.
anonymous For your grace to guide Tony, Annette and Nick as a family to understand and love one another, amen.
anonymous For Tammy to remain cancer free and receive all the other healings she needs.
anonymous In jesus name i ask that all those who struggle with loneliness find you and the comfort and oeace of your presence.
anonymous For Carl's body to be free of any illnesses caused by his mother s and fathers drug addiction and alcoholism.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask to receive your guidance through the Holy spirit. If healing is one of my gifts , I ask that you bring it to me and through me and I will give you all the glory and praise. Amen.
Patricia That the home our son bought will be an affordable place of comfort and joy. In Jesus name I ask this.
Carey and patricia In Jesus name , we ask that our son can sell his business quickly and at a fair price. We place our faith in you, amen.
anonymous For all those struggling with alcoholism , drug abuse and mental illnesses may they find refuge in the Lord, amen.
Patricia Lord God, I ask that myself, my husband and my son's be enlightened to your peace and tranquility. We promise to be grateful and encourage others to seek your presence, amen.
anonymous In Jesus name I ask that everyone in my family can learn to love each other unconditionally as you love us, amen.
Carey That my 2 sons find mates who will love them unconditionally and they return that love unconditionally. I ask Lord jesus that you send them mates who love the Lord so that they can encourage one another in your light, amen.
Patricia Through my authority and the blood of Christ I am protected through psalm 91. I accept this protection for myself, loved ones , possessions , property ,investments . I will always give thanks a praise to you for this protection, amen.
Patricia For all my brothers and sisters who struggle and suffer from many physical and emotional illnesses. In Jesus name I ask for miraculous healings, amen.
anonymous In Jesus name grant my sons miracle healings from any mental illness . Please have mercy and grant them freedom from anxiety and unwanted behavior that they can not control, amen.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask for many healings in my body, through faith I will accept all the healings that I need to continue to love and serve you and my family, amen.
anonymous For all those suffering with grief over the loss of a loved one.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask that my husband Carey's h pylori bacteria miraculously leave his body forever. I ask that he remains cancer free and that his scar tissue be dissolved by your blood. Jesus I thank you For every miracle that you have given me amen.
Patricia In Jesus name I ask to remain healthy to serve you, amen.
anonymous For Ken to receive a miraculous healing of his catastrophic whip lash and be freed of his pain and suffering from his arthritis. Amen.
anonymous For Susan to receive a miraculous healing of her endocrine system.lord please heal her back . May she be healed without surgery, amen.
anonymous For the Canadian auto industry, that it not be damaged by the actions of our prime minister or the United States President.
anonymous For the world to be enlightened to God's love through the Holy Spirit, amen.
anonymous That my husband and children be surrounded by true friends whom share our love of the Lord, amen.
anonymous For Moe to receive a miraculous healing from his lupis and severe arthritis symptoms . Amen.
Bernie That God will protect my grandchildren as they each journey through unique challenges at the present time in their lives. Amen
anonymous Please ask the Lord to heal my son of his drug addiction.
Loretta For complete healing of several autoimmune diseases with my daughter and son-in-law.
Elizabeth For the Holy Spirit to give me courage
Joe Sales For my wife and I, both of our families, and our friends. This includes both living and deceased.
Caroline that my husband returns to his faith and my children as well and they raise their families with a strong faith and a deep love for Jesus.
Diane My husband & I have been trying to start a family and we have had some obstacles. May we become pregnant without any complications and finally have a little miracle baby.
Chris My children and their family that they will grow in faith and love of God!
Laura Clark That Lindsay achieves her dreams; in whatever form God finds best for her. For me, that I submit to God’s will, with love and trust in Him. For Larry and Lisa, that they receive the gift of faith.
Wendy The return to Catholic faith of my brothers,sister and their children and mine. God Bless you on your pilgrimage.
Annie Ferrera Please pray for holy priests.
Suzanne For courage for my fear...
anonymous Pray Rachelle is given strength and to face what is all to come
anonymous Pray for all priests please give them courage and strengthen them
anonymous Pray for my children that you guide them to be the best version of themselves and surround them with people who support that Lord
anonymous Pray for my brother Steve that he finds his way back to you Lord
anonymous I want to pray for Tina that her cancer doesn't come back and God heal her body of no more suffering and pain