Be Not Afraid To Commit, You Are My Beloved

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Fr. Steve

I am happily a priest of Diocese of London, Ontario, as of April 25, 2015! Hooray!!! Some people are afraid to ask clergy questions sometimes, because they are worried about "what he'll think of me". I am happy to engage in any discussions you might want to have with me about the faith, and trust me, I have heard and probably even lived many of the crazy stories people might share and am not seeking to look down on you, but to help lift you up, wherever you are, to whatever degree you are willing to go. It's about you, and your relationship with God. That is what is most important to me. Since the Lord loves you without qualification, I try to impart the same courtesy.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Could it be because of a lack of hopeful beleif? When it comes to our spiritual life do we have an active hope to become deiform, the children of God, the body of Christ? It is so true. The encouragement of each parent to make clear their child is suited for a very personal hope filled life in Christ is so important in the reception and action of life. One child/person explained a clear felt need that they needed to feel rooted/received by their mother in order to permit growth or to hold themself a gift that if it were given it would be worth receiving – also a felt need for the enabling commission in confidence of their father so to engage in the action and mission of life of which he himself also models. The child enjoying both of these is then well enabled to work with their father and also serve the parents, sisters and brothers. Without all this hope-filled beleif how hard is it to die well to our to often self-serving will. Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen said ” It is because of faith that we exchange the present for the future. ” May we indeed help each other receive the gift of faith. Amen. May we not disqualify ourselves! Godspeed. Thank-you Father Steve.

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