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The Resurrection and the Glory of Liturgy

God has been speaking to me a lot lately about how He works in Liturgy. Before you go *blech* and turn your nose, let me just say that this is something we all need to appreciate more. I often wondered why on earth liturgy is even a thing, other than just a way of having a ritual gathering, only this one has evolved over many years. Nope. Nope nope nope. I mean that’s a very, VERY tiny part of it. But liturgy is far greater and more significant to our whole existence than I ever anticipated. It’s a pretty big deal. I’m barely gonna touch on it in this homily, but expect to hear more. I am praying and reading about this stuff and it is solid stuff my friends. You’re gonna love it.


Unveil – Ep 6 – What is Love?

Is love a feeling? Is it just a result of chemical impulses in the brain, or is love something deeper, something real and substantial? Take a look at what C.S. Lewis called “the four...


Take the Prophecy Challenge!!!

There are so many religions out there, how can we be sure which of them is right, if any?  Or does science just trump everything and there’s no reason to believe in any religion? ...