Unveil – Ep 2 – The One True Church?

Fr. Steve

I am happily a priest of Diocese of London, Ontario, as of April 25, 2015! Hooray!!! Some people are afraid to ask clergy questions sometimes, because they are worried about "what he'll think of me". I am happy to engage in any discussions you might want to have with me about the faith, and trust me, I have heard and probably even lived many of the crazy stories people might share and am not seeking to look down on you, but to help lift you up, wherever you are, to whatever degree you are willing to go. It's about you, and your relationship with God. That is what is most important to me. Since the Lord loves you without qualification, I try to impart the same courtesy.

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3 Responses

  1. Deborah says:

    thank you Father I like the way you explained the difference between believing every thing that the Pope says is doctrine .Just that some are confused about this now a days .And the Holy Spirit is going to do what Jesus said it will do.

    • Fr. Steve says:

      Yeah we need to trust more in the Holy Spirit. We’re in a bit of a unique situation in the Church as media coverage makes a lot more things public by putting all things on display to the world. It’s a great tool for evangelization, but when you’re the Pope, guarding your every word to ensure you never say something that can be misinterpreted or taken out of context would be too laborious and tiring. We don’t need to fear that some little thing blasted by the media might somehow rock our faith or dismantle what we believe about the Church’s infallibility. It may cause confusion, yes, but the Church will remain standing 🙂

  2. Suzanne LePage says:

    what a beautiful topic learn a lot of stuff; that i did not know! and would love to ?prayers where you listen to God ..God Bless…

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